General Medical System/2

Why is GMS/2 the best?

It's Proven

The General Medical System/2 is used today in small and large practices. Whether you have 1,000 or 300,000 patients, GMS/2 can easily handle it. GMS/2 is also designed to work efficiently whether you have one location or multiple offices.
Great Reports

GMS/2 delivers concise and easy to understand reports that help you make informed decisions. These reports can be your equalizer when negotiating with your major payers. For those special "quick & dirty" reports, an ad hoc reporting facility is available for your use. Let our experts help you use this powerful tool. We really do appreciate our clients' input, and often their requests turn into standard reports in GMS/2.
Feature Rich
All this is standard in one integrated system!
  • Appointments and Scheduling
  • Cashflow Protection Features
  • Free Electronic Filing
  • Fast and Accurate Electronic Posting
  • Scanning and Faxing
  • Integrated Electronic Medical Records
  • Easy to use!
Flexible Architecture

Change is inevitable, and GMS/2 was built for change. Due to its flexible architecture, regulatory changes, payer requirements, and new technology can easily be incorporated, which protects your system from obsolescing. For example, GMS/2 is 5010 ready, ready to submit NDC (National Drug Code) data on your 1500 claims, and can file UB04 charges.

No other practice management system can match the features of GMS/2. Once you understand what the system can do, you'll see what an excellent value it is. Take our Feature Tour. Request a web demo with one of our representatives. We welcome your questions. Compare and be amazed at how affordable it is for all that it can do for your practice.

Helping You Do More With Less

GMS/2 will save you money, improve your collection, and help you work more efficiently. Let GMS/2 manage your accounts receivable; our EOB Eater will save you hundreds of hours each month posting insurance payments. For small to medium-sized practices, you will not find a better value. With GMS/2 you will find expert support and sophisticated management reports.

Briefly, GMS/2 includes these helpful time saving features.

GMS/2 is proven and has features normally associated with other systems costing 3-4 times more. Further, to protect your investment, GMS/2 has a flexible architecture to ensure that changes in regulations or business needs can easily be met. Our clients’ suggestions are regularly incorporated into GMS/2. GMS/2 is a great value for any practice whether you’re a single-user or a practice with multiple locations and hundreds of thousands of patients. Plus, we are ICD10 ready today!

Integrated Electronic Medical Records

Because EMR is an integral part of GMS/2, you will reap the following benefits:

Special Billing Needs For Detox or Therapist Billing

For those who work in detox, mental health, or rehabilitation - inpatient or outpatient - we can help improve the efficiency of your billing. For organizations operating in a community living setting offering multiple therapist services (physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, etc.), we can save you “hundreds of staff hours.” Call for a demo and find out how affordable we are and how we can "help you do more with less."

We are also fully capable of customizing GMS/2 to meet your special needs. Don’t hesitate to ask.