General Medical System/2

EDI Ready - Boost Your Profitability

In today's environment, with rising costs and lower insurance payments, it's important that each practice embrace the use of EDI as its first line of defense against profit erosion. GMS/2 has been tested to file EDI claims successfully for ICD10 1500 and UB04.

No Cost To You

How can the General Medical System/2 help your practice improve its cashflow?

Get Paid Quicker - Improve Cash Management

Plus, when you file your claims electronically, you'll get paid faster.

Save Money & Improve AR (video)

With our standard EOB Eater, you can electronically post your EOBs (Ansi 835) accurately and with integrity. What could takes hours or days to manually perform can be done in minutes. Imagine being able to apply payments and make adjustments in a fraction of the time you spend today. Think how much you could save and what else you could do. In addition, because the remaining balance can be automatically transferred to a secondary insurance or to the patient for billing, your AR will be better managed.

More Time to Follow-Up

Because the EOB Eater identifies all zero dollar payments, denials, and payments below the allowable amount, you can spend the time saved to ask the payer to justify their low payments. You will also have more time to comply with their requests for additional supporting data, which will help your practice get paid more.