General Medical System/2

No two specialties should be expected to document the same way. Nor should different practices within the same specialty be limited to only the templates that come with an EMR system. Below are sample forms and templates which can be incorporated into GMS/2 to help you document H&P, family history, physical exams, breast mass, elbow range of motion, pulmonary functions, sore throats, or anything you want, any way you want.

With our EMR Chart Creator, you can include checkboxes, text fields for narrative, multi-choice text controls, and even images in your template documents. In addition, due to the flexible database technology and advanced design, you can incorporate tables to document complex observations and make the documentation more readable and easier to understand. All this is available without additional programming or hidden costs. Further, your information tables can have multiple columns (you specify) with unlimited rows to describe your examinations, observations, or findings. See example below.

With our expert assistance and training, you will be on your way to faster and more meaningful documentation that your practice and referring providers will appreciate because it's easier to understand. Plus, you'll save time and money and have more fun getting your job done.